Jewelry Jewelry Face pin A contemporary face, giving the idea of feathers surrounding the head. 153532319 Light and Airy necklace Done is transparent gold with a hint of fuchsia this necklace is set off by a beautiful purple and gold focal bead. It measures 17" and has a magnetic clasp. 153532320 Radiance Pendant This beautiful necklace is a Diane Fitzgerald pattern. Just lovely! Radiance in blue, ~the right length to compliment you and be prepared for the subtle,feminine look, also quite an attractive adornment. Can be worn, any season; spoil yourself with the beautiful illumination of this piece.. 141359086 Commerative spiral necklace. 153532321 Sprial bracelet Based on the necklace but fit for the wrist. 153532322 Wire wrapped earrings 153532323 Wire wrapped pendent A pink and black stone wrapped with wire and beads form this unique pendent. 153532324 Whimscal bracelet This unique bracelet is done in Peyote stitch with various size beads giving the bracelet mixed textures. 153532327 Evening Star bracelet The Swarovski Crystals are the hit of this bracelet. Simple but elegant 153532328 Summertime amulet bag Giving a feel of summer time, this bag is big enough to hold a driver's license and credit card. 153532329 Green beadmaille bracklet My first attempt at chain maille. The green pieces are beaded of chain maille worked around the beading. The illumination of this handmade, tangible-crafted bracelet piece is equipped to capture and captivate the attention of nature lovers and earth-conscious people of any generation. Not limited to nature-lovers as the piece is autonomously bead woven brilliance, at it's best! 102574801 Sea Foam necklace Done is shades of blue, this bracelet is beautiful when worn. 153532330 Sparkling Sea necklace A necklace done in fringe with the center bead being a beaded bead. 153532331 Red Sprial necklace This spiral necklace has an interesting focal bead. 153532332 Swirls on shells earrings Painted swirls on shells make these earring whimsical as you wear them. 153532333 Waterfall Earrings These lovely earring are done in sapphire blue and pinks. As they fall 3.5 " they sparkle and shine as you move. 153745088 River Valley Necklace A long beaded necklace with a river flowing through the picture which creates the focal point. 153745089 Black and white choker An elegant study in the black and white. Accents of white pearl like beads drop gracefully along your neck. 153745602 Shades of Purple amulet bag Do you love the color purple??? Then you will love this bag. Made with beads in several shades of purple creating a rainbow of color. Swarovski crystals accent both the fringe and the closure flap. The bag will hold a drivers license or credit card. 153745603 Starburst in Gray amulet bag This beautiful amulet bag will hold your precious items with ease. There is no fabric in this bag. It is totally made of beads. 153745604 Mother Earth necklace and earring set This is a combination of double viking weave chain and beaded stones. It measures about 20". 163381514 Silver stars Silver stars in a background of blue. Just like the morning sky. These are double sided and edged in white. 171685203