Christmas Ornaments Christmas Ornaments 3-D star ornament This ornament doesn't need a globe. it is three dimensional with Swarovski crystals on the points. 204561310 Night sky oranment The night sky was the inspiration for this ornament cover. with small crystal sparkling like distant stars. 204561311 Along the fence Late in the fall, these flowers still try to show their colorful blossoms. A green fence surrounds the globe hiding the sparkling snow inside the globe. As the summer season begins to fade, it springs the last floral display for the season before Autumn rushes in and claims the season again! 153963950 Dancing Based on an Ecuadorian pattern, this cover shimmies and shakes with sparkle. Christmas is celebrated as more than a holiday, it is reminiscent of family ideals, tastes, styles and cultural differences. This beautiful Ecuador-style is sure to accentuate your tree and add diversity appeal. 153963968 Snowflake ornament cover Light and airy snowflakes drift down from the globe. With a translucent, yet similar appearance, this snow piece can add whimsy and exuberance to your tree. 153963969 Gold Christmas Ornament cover This beautiful gold ornament cover is hand made to fit over a 4" globe. It will sparkle and glisten as it moves on your tree or display it on a stand all year long. Every youth or child has a favorite ornament or more than a few. Display your own favorite ornament that doubles as a curio for your cabinet or rests elegantly atop your office table or centerpiece. A sure-fire way to keep Christmas-appeal a year-round event. 153963978 Crystal ladder ornament cover Swarovski crystals take center stage in this ornament cover. Blue and gold over a clear globe. This is a perfect home for your beautiful crystals, as wine goblets or glasses gone unnoticed unless you are serving or an alcoholic beverage. Share your crystal creation all-year round in a place that can be seen by your invited guests to appreciate as much as you and I do. 153964080 Black,yellow and lavendar ornament. Black and yellow gracefully wrap their arms around this lavender globe embracing it, as if to hold the color within the borders of your relaxed, uniquely-colored ornament. Decorating trees with never-before seen designs and colors bring pride and soothing visual appeal in the novelty of this color combination. 153964081 Stars and flowers hanging gracefully on silver stand. The silver star holds the colorful flowers together to circle the globe in congruency and surreal appeal. If seen from a distance, the eye will take a second glance to understand how the flowers seem to be floating in mid-air, though upon further reflection the design is revealed. 153964082 Pineapple pattern-inspired ornament cover This pattern is based on the pineapple pattern used in crocheting. It fits over a 2 3/4" globe. See the Swarovski crystals bring sparkling light to your tree. This is done in reds and crystal with a hint of white. The bold color red is sure to energize your eyes and tree. What a great utilization of Swarovski skills indeed. 153964083 Lavender ornament cover Lavender and silver diamonds encircle the globe. Like an elegant evening covering, shawl or sash, this ornament cover will get noticed by its understated simplicity, fine lines and shine that you can't mistake illuminating your ornament and tree; eye-pleasing and intricate style. 153964084 Flowers in Winter, ornately-suspended Four tapestries each depicting a different flower grace the globe. Winter is not the only season to be celebrated. Christmas appeals to the senses in all seasons and colors with bright flowers all-year-round. 153964085 Christmas Tree The ornament cover is fitted to the globe and Christmas trees wrap their boughs around the bulb. 173881257