About The Artist

Juanita is an award winning beading artist. Her passion for beading started about 25 years ago.

Juanita Finger

She designs and beads various types of items including tapestries, sculptures, and jewelry. She has been published four times including the “Spring 2011 Showcase” by Beadcreator and the “My work” section of Bead and Button Magazine. 

She has published her own book titled “Beaded Inspirations”. It is a picture book designed to inspire.

Tokay Beaded Art is the studio name for Juanita Finger. Her bead work designs include tapestries, books, jewelry, sculptures, and bags.

Bead Weaving Instructor. Art Exhibitor. Lecturer

She recently closed her art gallery, which was exclusively for beaded art, to pursue teaching and creating bead-weaving art.  

She has taught bead-weaving in various locations around the country including Chicago, Il., Roswell, NM, and Artesia, NM,. She believes that bead work is an art form and tries to push the boundaries in herself and her students.

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