What We Offer

  • Butterfly in the Breeze

    Butterfly in the Breeze

    A beautiful butterfly that is made totally of fringe. The butterfly moves with each soft breath of a breeze. Watch, calculate and see how long in between breezes it takes for the butterfly to separate only to become one again as it sway back-and-forth to the tunes of natures light and sun. 

  • Lost Pearl, lost no more..

    Lost Pearl, lost no more..

    Somewhere deep in the ocean, an oyster has lost it's pearl. The pearl has fallen unto a mound of seaweed proudly displayed. As if protected by an assuring starfish guard. The pearl is centered directly above a comfortable seaweed bed, anxiously awaiting for a sailor to find and take home to his beautiful wife to be made into a family peal ring, or necklace heirloom. If pearls could talk they would have so many passionate and loving tales to convey about their journey,and life before coming to rest upon a lovely maiden's finger. Ms. Finger is proud to display her lovely pearl of love; our oceans contribute so many beautiful, remarkable things to humanity. 

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