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Swing Bracelet Kit


This kits comes with all the beads and instructions you will need to create your own lovely bracelet. There are two color options. Lavender and ruby or white and green. Please specify which color option you would like when ordering.


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Viking Cross Necklace and Earring Set


 The word ‘Rune’ means ‘whisper’ or ‘secret’. This rune equates to the modern alphabet as an ‘M’ and represents ‘humankind’ with all the abilities therein. This stylized Norse Rune and other symbols like it, comprise the Viking alphabet. Wear this rune for luck and to enhance your abilities. Embrace the power of self.  

This combination of Viking knit wire work and beading brings an air of the renaissance. This 24" necklace has a 2" dangle. The earrings match the dangle.

Eye of Santa Fe Necklace 

The Eye of Santa Fe is bead embroidery, sewn into fabric and backed with leather. The chain is beaded too. The flow of blues and purples with that vast bright pink stone are reminiscent of a starry night. This is the perfect accent for an evening out.