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A Study in Transition - Tapestry


 This framed group of tapestries depicts the changes in view with a change in backgrounds. It is all beads and was loomed. The framed piece measures 28" x 13 1/2 ". 

The beauty in one simple flower expands to suggest transitions from light to dark, in a day, weather and life.  You are drawn in to admire the symmetry in repetition of one dainty flower. Feel the progressive rhythm as your eyes flow along from a light to dark background in a harmonious and symbiotic flow. What thoughts does this peaceful design inspire in you? 


Macaws - Tapestry


A framed beaded tapestry.  From of depths of the Amazon rain forest, this pair of Scarlett Macaws quietly watches you from their tree perch. The vivid colors of red, yellow and blue are mesmerizing. The dramatic attention to detail, including one’s upraised foot, captures life in motion so well you’ll expect them to move or blink at you.  This beaded 3-D tapestry will bring the sounds of the outdoors into your room. Don't miss out on this one of a kind piece. 

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Finca de Bernie al atardecer (Bernie's estate at sunset) - Tapestry


A framed beaded tapestry.  A winterly scene of a home popularized by the Pueblo peoples of the American Southwest, who have a long history of living in villages constructed of earth and stone.  A cooking kiva is shown in front of the house. Follow the path into the courtyard. The barren trees and plants give a peaceful, sleepy feeling with the quiet snow all around. New Mexico is known for the spectacular view of the stars and Milky-Way Galaxy crowns the entire scene. You can envision climbing up the ladder to the flat roof to take in the panoramic view.  

 It is framed  and measures 18” x 8”. Fully done in beads. Bring the southwest into your home with this piece.


Wave - Tapestry


 Imagine yourself on a beach swaying with the waves as they roll by. This beaded tapestry captures the moment of the wave rise just before the break. In the distance you can see a mountain rising from the water with a snow-capped summit. The piece has a surreal feeling, reminiscent of fantasy and fantastic places waiting to be discovered. The wave motion is energizing!  

 The Wave is inspired by the ”The Great Wave off Kanagawa” Wood Block Print by Hokusai. This free standing tapestry measures 19" x 12" x 8". and sits on your table or display. 

Musicical Staff - Tapestry 

A Treble Clef sits embraced on its staff, ready to inspire a musician or a music lover. This free hand beaded staff was made by sewing one bead to the next without any backing. The matted frame elegantly sets the muse apart from its surroundings lending focus to inspiration. 



This free hand tapestry measures just 2” x 5” without a rod. It evokes an autumn afternoon and can bring a calming beauty to any space. 



Combining contemporary visual navigation modalities with the nostalgic look of early 20th century tapestries, these Poppies are beaded on canvas and framed in a lacquer frame. At 14” x 14” this piece is just large enough to take center focus on any wall, but still small enough it could accent many a theme.